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Repairs and sales of feedback devices, motors and related components

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Whether you need to repair an encoder, a complete assembly of a motor with the encoder, or purchase encoder components, we are here to offer you our competent technical support and services.

We support all major brands and types of feedback devices used in CNC, Robotics, Automation, Crane and other industrial applications.

Terms of Service
When an encoder needs to be repaired, give us a call. We will troubleshoot the issue and ensure that the encoder you are having issues with is fully supported by our repair department. That means we can fully test and repair the device paired with the matching motor and controller. Please keep in mind that encoders repaired separately from the original motor are not covered by our warranties and are not eligible for returns.
Although not a requirement, we always encourage our customers to submit motor encoders for service accompanied with the original motor. When we have access to both units, we not only make sure the encoder is properly installed in the motor, but also subject the entire assembly to vigorous testing. We offer a comprehensive 1 year warranty on all encoder and motor repairs when both units are sent in for the repair service.
When a repair service is not an option, we offer sales of new or rebuilt feedback units and related components, such as couplings, readout devices, electrical connections and so on. Both new or rebuilt encoders are sold as is without our warranties and are not eligible for returns. All encoder sales are final.